Multilingual website is very important when it comes to attract International Audience so we’re going to see how to install and setup WPML on your Website. If your product or service is based on many countries then it’s highly preferred to have a multilingual site setup. You must need to benefit every single user to grow audience and get more customers.

By Default, WordPress only supports one language but Composer gives you the ability to have multilingual support. You don’t need to install separate plugins and scripts to have your site in different languages. Here’s how you can make Multilingual Website for you or your customers.

WordPress Multilingüe

How to Install WPML on Composer WordPress Theme

First, you need to go to WPML account and download the WPML files.

  1. Login to WPML account
  2. Go to Downloads Page
  3. Download the “WPML Multilingual CMS” files (You may want other extensions as needed but make sure to download entire package if you need other extension).

How to install WPML

Now, you have the Plugin package downloaded into your PC/MAC. Let’s go ahead and upload it into your WordPress Dashboard. For that, you need to make sure that Composer Theme is installed properly. Then go into your WordPress Dashboard and upload the “WPML Multilingual CMS” files you just downloaded from your WPML account. So, first step will be:

  1. Go to WordPress Admin Dashboard
  2. Go to Plugins>Add New>Upload Plugin
  3. Upload Plugin Files and Activate the plugin right away

Setup WPML with Composer

Now that you have the plugin installed and activated. You can configure WPML by going into “WPML” tab on the left of WordPress Dashboard. You’ll see a configuration wizard will open where you need to setup the right settings for your Website with Composer Theme. You need to follow the steps below:

  1. Select the current language for your site which maybe is English and click “Next”.

2. Select the languages you want your website to adapt from the list on the very next screen and click “Next”.

3. For Example, I selected English and Spanish. Then, you can change the order whether you want to make English default or Spanish on the next screen. There, you will have options to add language selection in Menu or Footer. Hit “Next” twice as it will ask you if you want WPML support to have information about your site so they can better assist you. You can send or not, it totally depends on you :).

4. Put your Site Key which you have got after registering your site into your WPML Account. If you don’t have it simply click on Generate a site key and it will take you to WPML account where you can add your site and get Site Key to put up into WPML Settings. Click on “Finish” and that’s it!

You’ve done it, Hurrah! But do you know that Composer has some exciting features to use with WPML? Yeah!

Composer Features for WPML

Go to Composer’s theme options from WordPress Dashboard and click on “Header Options”. Scroll down and you will see WPML settings for Composer. Where you can change Language Selector Style which can be a dropdown or simple. You can also change the Display of Languages to Flag, Flag with Name and just Language Name.

You’re all done! If you still have any questions about how to install and setup WPML on your theme then let us know and we will help you achieve your Goal. For more information on How to Install Composer Theme visit here.


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