The capability to offer product customization and offer customers an option for personalized products is a great way to engage customer with your business. Often times, people are looking for a way to achieve products and services that can fulfill every single detail of their needs. Customized product demands had been increasing through the year.

Indeed, it is of great idea to have high converting website theme with  visual product configurator option added into your online businesses.

Customizable, personalized products help existing and new customers engage more with your business. Product configurations let’s your customer see in real time the expected product output. Thus, in this case, it helps them being convinced to avail such product and is likely to buy more.

Also, having a product configurator ads a fun and exciting way for your clients. Imagine that they can express their creativity and personality more! On top of that, you can charge higher prices for customized product and it will help create more revenue for your business.

Finally, now you are more convinced to have this feature available with your online shop.

WP Configurator Pro plugin is an aid for WooCommerce visual product configurator that offers an intuitive way of hyper personalization. 

This tool has 6 free skins. It means that WP Configurator Pro has different ready design layout that will surely suit your taste!

It’s easy to use, understand and configure. Your customer can create configuration of customized products easily on the front end. While you can easily setup options on the backend too.

With WP Configurator Pro Plugin and Website template by Innwithemes , the only limit is your own imagination. You can have an endless amount of customization options.

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