WooCommerce themes are mainly available through experienced third-party WordPress developers, but also the bulk of it comes from the official WordPress themes directory. If you’re looking for a new or replacing your current theme with a premium WooCommerce ready theme, it’s important to check some key features that could contribute to the great experience of your potential shopper.

Some keynotes to look for a WooCommerce theme for your WordPress site is one that clearly reflects your brand, simple and professional looking that gives your client a great shopping experience possible.

Remember the following features you must have in choosing the best theme:

Clean and professional looking design

Choose a woocommerce website theme that easily conveys significant information for your clients to readily see. Each section must be simple yet not compromising the overall accent of a pro designed pages.

Easy to Navigate

A quality WooCommerce theme should present your products clearly. This gives information to seeker exactly what he or she is looking for without losing on a bland presentation.

Mobile Responsiveness

Many online shopper uses their devices, so you need to look for WooCommerce themes that are responsive on devices of all sizes.


Plugin helps in having a more customized website. There are hundreds or even thousands of free plugins that can be used to enhance the performance of a website. So therefore, you must consider a WooCommerce theme should support other plugins.

Browser Compatibility

Different people prefer to use a different browser. Your website shop must be compatible for every browser. Some prospects use Chrome others Firefox or Safari among other web browsers.


Websites with better page load speed translates into better search engine results, as well as increase visitor engagement since it gives more grip to them compared to slower loading web pages. It is shared across the industry that the benchmark for web pages is less than three seconds on average but is not limited to it.

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